28 February, 2016

Change to Instagram

I have started posting my art photos to Instagram.  It's easy, it's fast.  I don't know how much longer I will continue this blog.  It doesn't get much traffic, even though I post links to my Facebook page periodically.

Exploration with Colored Pencil

I traveled for a week to Connecticut to go see the house we are (hopefully) be getting.  I didn't take pastels with me, there are issues with fixative and messiness that I didn't want to deal with in the hotel.  So, I took some colored pencils with me, the "regular" kind, some Inktense pencils (water soluble, ink based pencils) and some watercolors.   So now I'm on a bit of a colored pencil kick.

More Pastel Abstracts

I continued to make more of the pastel abstracts.  The following 2 are on 9x12" paper.

I like the depth of color and layers of interest.  I also did a couple of little pastel sketches on dark paper:

02 February, 2016

New Pastel Drawings

So, I had the luxury of being off for a 4-day weekend.  I got a lot of things done around the house, but I also spent a lot of time working on some pastel drawings:

I am having a real problem getting the lighting correct on these, but this seems to be the best I can do for now.

29 January, 2016

Further Exploration with Wet Media

In an attempt to expand my vocabulary in mark-making, I have been forcing myself to try things other than the usual things that start to feel like reflex to me.

Watercolor and felt tipped marker:

The two below started out trying to use white watercolor mixed in with red to make a pink.  This mixture then repelled all the other watercolor I attempted to use with it, creating a big mess.  So, I switched over to acrylic and threw in some collage as well:

Watercolor with "Russian Sauce" crayons:

Fun with circles and loops in watercolor.  I may add more line work.  I'm not sure yet.

Mark-Making Exploration

I continue to work in my sketchbooks.  I am coming to a place where I feel as though my art looks very repetitive to me, as though I am doing the same drawing over and over again.  It is only in retrospect that I am able to appreciate that there is variety.  Here are some from the little black sketchbook.  Most of these are pastel.  A few are colored pencil and Prismacolor Art Stix, which is like a colored pencil in stick form.

10 January, 2016

Shifting Gears

So, after doing some pastel drawings in my sketchbooks for a while, and finally filling the remains of two 9x12" sketchbooks, I decided to look at the other sketchbooks I had started messing around in, and continue to work in them rather than start a new sketchbook.  One of the books I had kicking around is a thick mixed media paper, almost like watercolor paper but smooth rather than the typical watercolor texture.  So I decided to take the opportunity to mix some watercolors in with my pastel drawings.

I think it's pretty evident that I work on these in pairs...with the sketchbook open, there are 2 blank pages starting at me, so I work on both of them.  Sometimes the two drawings look pretty similar, sometimes not.  I like the way the watercolor interacts with the pastel.

These last two were done with watercolor and charcoal.  I decided to try and incorporate some deliberate drips.

Overall, I'm pleased with my experiments and plan to continue to look at ways to combine media.

26 December, 2015

Another Sketchbook Complete

The second of 2 old 9x12" sketchbooks that were kicking around is finally completed.  I'm kind of obsessed with sketchbooks, I have 5 others in progress, all different sizes and types of paper.  Thick paper, thin paper, smooth paper, rough paper, white paper, black paper, plus a few new ones waiting in the wings.  I am forcing myself to not buy any new ones, since I already have so many.  Anyway, here are some of my favorite pastel drawings from the sketchbook that I finished filling, since I last posted photos from it.

08 November, 2015

Sketchbook Complete

When I first got going with my art again since the Dean Nimmer workshop in June, I have been working primarily in some old half-used sketchbooks I had sitting around.  I have finally completed filling one of them.  These are my favorite drawings from the assortment since my last post:

These were all done with Prismacolor Nupastels and assorted soft pastels.  The next two drawings did not start out as the images they ended up as.  While drawing the green one, I happened to see the shapes in the random scribblings and further developed them.  The rabbit was done a bit more intentionally, as soon as I saw the shape that became the ears, I knew it had to be a rabbit.  I really like the way these turned out: